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dc.contributor.authorWen, Shi
dc.description.abstract本文在语用论辩学的研究框架下分析和评 价了美国前贸易代表 Ron Kirk 对中美家禽贸易 摩擦的评论,以此探讨政治话语的在论辩方向 的研究路径。本研究在对语篇进行重构、策略 操控分析和批判性评价后,发现在维持表面合 理的前提下,Ron Kirk 为达到美方利益最大化, 在冲突和论辩阶段综合考虑潜在话题、受众需 求和表达方式三要素后,策略性地选取了出发 点并技巧地安排了论证设计,在看似公正理性 的政治评论中深藏反华意识形态。同时,结合 相关案件背景以及十条理性讨论规则发现,该 政治评论在公认出发点和论证图式运用方面都 出现了谬误。通过个案分析,本文从论辩路径 出发,试图为政治话语研究提供较为可行的有 效性分析方法和合理性评价标准,从而为政治 话语的语用研究提供新视角。 Under the research framework of PragmaDialectics, this paper analyses and evaluates the former United State trade representative Ron Kirk’s remarks on the trade conflict of poultry. Through this case study, I intend to develop a pragma-dialectical approach to the political discourse. Based on the argumentative reconstruction, strategic maneuvering analysis and critical evaluation of the remarks, this paper finds that even if Ron Kirk’s remarks look reasonable apparently, there are still some fallacies hidden in them. In order to make the US government benefit most from the trade conflict, after considering comprehensively of the potential topics, audience demands, and presentational devices, Ron Kirk maneuvers strategically by choosing beneficial starting points and arranging argumentative schemes technically. By doing so, he can transmit AntiChina ideology to the international society imperceptibly. In addition, by taking into consideration the background information of the poultry case and the Ten Commandments of a critical discussion, this paper reveals that, the accepted starting points and the argument schemes are abused in Ron Kirk’s remarks. Through the case study, this paper tries to study political discourse from Pragma-Dialectical approach and provide feasible analytical methods and reasonable evaluative standards for the political discourse analysis, so that a new perspective will be offered for researches on political discourse.es_ES
dc.publisherUniversidad de León: Instituto Confucioes_ES
dc.rightsAtribución-NoComercial-CompartirIgual 4.0 Internacional*
dc.titleA Pragma-Dialectical Approach to Political Discourse Analysis: A Case Study of the Former United State Trade Representative Ron Kirk’s Remarks on the Poultry Casees_ES
dc.journal.titleSinología hispánicaes_ES

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