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dc.contributor.authorShanping, Fan
dc.description.abstract于本族语者而言,停顿是口语交流中必 不可少的一部分,它可以提示话轮,区分歧 义,标记韵律或语法边界。但在外语学习者 的口语表达中,停顿往往还被看作是非流利 产出的表现,在这现象背后是认知遇阻。本 文以Levelt的口语产出模型为理论基础,通 过分析以西语为母语的汉语高级和中级水平 学习者在口语表达中的停顿特点以找出他们 的认知困境。研究发现,高级水平学生相较 于中级水平学生,其停顿频率更低,停顿时 长更短,平均语流长度更长,语速更快。但 与汉语母语者相比仍有差距。此外,根据无 声停顿和填充停顿的位置分布可以得出,中 级水平学生在言语建构和发声部分使用了大 量的注意力资源,且言语产出以简短句子为 主;而高级水平学生的言语产出为长且复杂 的句子,因而有部分时间被安排在自我监控 上。 For the native speaker, the pause is an essential part of oral communication and has several functions such as indicating the turns between interlocutors, specifying the meaning in an ambiguous expression or marking the phonic or syntactical boundaries. However, in foreigner´s spontaneous discourse the pause is,otherwise, a sign of non-fluency which usually indicates cognitive problems. Based on Levelt’s “Speaking” Model, the present article aims to find out the cognitive problems of the Spanishspeaking students of intermediate and advanced level of Chinese in spontaneous discourse through analyzing the characteristics in the production of pauses. The results show that advanced students have fewer breaks than midlevel students; the total duration of breaks is shorter; the average length of speech is longer and the average of speed is longer. But there is still distance to reach the natives in the mentioned parameters. In addition, those results of the distribution of the breaks reveal that the middle level students pay much attention to the formulation and articulation of short sentences while the advanced ones face problems in the organization of long sentences and therefore they must also pay attention to the self-monitoring.es_ES
dc.publisherUniversidad de León: Instituto Confucioes_ES
dc.rightsAtribución-NoComercial-CompartirIgual 4.0 Internacional*
dc.subjectLengua extranjeraes_ES
dc.subject.otherLengua chinaes_ES
dc.titleCognitive Problems in the Oral Chinese Expression of Spanish- Speaking Students: Analysis on the Production of Pauseses_ES
dc.journal.titleSinología hispánicaes_ES

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