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dc.contributor.authorMarco Martínez, Consuelo
dc.description.abstract本文将汉语中的量词置于世界语言(亚洲,大洋洲,美洲印第安及非洲等)范畴 下进行研究。我们证实了这些语言在量词方面的相似度,尽管这些语言在地理上彼此相隔甚 远,甚至彼此间没有任何的关系。我们分析了“量词”的概念及在汉语中的分类标准(个体 量词,集体量词,通用量词,临时量词和计量量词等),并从词汇手段和语法手段层面对汉 语和西班牙语表达相同的概念进行了比较。西班牙语并非量词性语言,但事实上,当需要与 不可数名词单独搭配并使其变得“可数名词化”或对其进行更精确的量化时,履行“量词” 的句法和语义功能的结构在西语中也是存在的。我们知道欧洲语言名词的“性”属于语法范 畴,语义空灵,不能和“量词”的功能混为一谈。但我们也考察了量词由于语义磨损而被视 作单纯词,但有时也体现了其词汇意义。文章最后,我们反驳了受欧洲文化中心主义影响而 广为流传的两种观点:其一,“原始论”观点,“量词”型语言是一种非常原始的语言。其 二,关于世界分类和宇宙观形成的“决定论”观点,量词是规约性的,它的功能完全是语义 的,但是既不能被认知也不能被确定的。 This paper contextualizes Mandarin Chinese within the general framework of the “classifier languages” of the world: Asian, Oceanic, Amerindian and African languages. It demonstrates that there are indeed many similarities among them, despite being geographically separated and not having any type of relationship. It continues analyzing the concept of "classifier" and the various types of classifiers in Chinese (individual, collective, partitive, temporary and standard or measure words), and comparing them with lexical and grammatical resources used in the Spanish language to express the same concepts. Spanish is not a classifier language, but when using a continuous noun in a singular sense (recategorization) it resorts to some sort of "classifier". This paper demonstrates how “gender” in European languages is a grammar concept, semantically empty, so it should never be confused with a “classifier”. It recognizes how sometimes the overuse of classifier turns them into mere morphemes devoid of meaning, and other times keeps alive their semantic strength and continue denoting some perceived or imputed feature of the referent. This paper concludes by rejecting two widespread ideas: 1. The “primitivism” of classifier languages (against greater mental, logical and abstract development of the Indo-European languages). 2. The determinism in the categorization of the world and creation of a world view, as classifiers are conventional, with a strictly semantic role, but not cognitive nor deterministic.es_ES
dc.publisherUniversidad de León: Instituto Confucioes_ES
dc.rightsAttribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 Internacional*
dc.subjectLengua extranjeraes_ES
dc.subject.otherLengua chinaes_ES
dc.title汉语与其他语言中的量词 = The “classifier” Category in Mandarin Chinese and Other Languages = La categoría de “clasificador” en chino mandarín y otras lenguases_ES
dc.journal.titleSinología Hispánicaes_ES

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Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 Internacional
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