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dc.contributor.authorZhou-min, Yuan
dc.description.abstract城市形象传播对城市营销和城市竞争力提升具有重要意义。本文探讨了新闻话语 与南京城市形象传播之间的互动关系。文献综述:以往研究多集中在城市建筑、旅游、景 观和公共安全方面,鲜有研究探讨话语与城市形象传播之间的关系。研究问题:1.谁在传 播南京城市形象? 2.传播了什么样的南京形象? 3.如何传播南京城市形象?方法:研究 整合建构主义和文化话语研究(CDS)的框架,进而解释当代中国政治和文化背景下的南京 城市形象传播。结果:(1)新闻叙事中普通专人士和市民的声音反映了话语主体的多样性 趋势;(2)四个方面的南京城市形象得以构建:政府治理、经济发展、环境保护与历时、 文化和教育,并且不回避诸如腐败、贿赂与空气/水污染等负面话题。(3)南京城市形象 主要采用事件通讯和和概貌通讯得以传播,即主要通过描述热点事件与政策介绍勾勒南京 城市形象。媒体话语反映了社会现实与社会变迁,同时也塑造着人们对南京的认知并且对 城市形象传播实践产生现实的影响。本研究为城市形象传播建构跨学科的分析框架,可为 城市管理者和传播策略师、城市营销专业人士以及专业传播理论家在构建和传播城市形象 方面提供启示。 City image communication is of high significance for city marketing and city competitiveness enhancement. The article explores the interaction between news discourse and Nanjing city image communication. Literature review: Most of studies focus on city architecture, tourism and landscapes and public security. However, less attention has been paid to the relations between discourse and city image communication. Research questions: 1. Who is speaking to communicate Nanjing city image? 2. What kind of image of Nanjing is communicated? 3. How or in what way is Nanjing city image communicated? Methodology: The study adopts a fusion of the perspectives of constructivism and cultural discourse studies (CDS) to account for Nanjing city image communication in political and cultural contexts of contemporary China. Results: (1) the voices of ordinary professionals and citizens in the news narration reflect the trend of diversity in discourse subjects;(2) Nanjing city image are constructed from four aspects, governing style, economic development, environmental protection, history, culture & education, with the negative topic of corruption, bribery and air/water pollution; (3) Nanjing city image are communicated favorably by news stories of event profiles and general picture profiles, giving us a portrait of Nanjing mostly by describing hot issues and introducing policies. Conclusions: The media discourse of Nanjing city image is a reflection of social changes and realities, working as a catalyst to shape people’s views toward Nanjing’s reality and to mold the practice of the communication. The study contributes to city image communication by developing an interdisciplinary discursive framework and provides Implications for city administrators and communicative strategists, professionals in city marketing and professional communication theorist in constructing and communicating city image.es_ES
dc.publisherUniversidad de León: Instituto Confucioes_ES
dc.rightsAtribución-NoComercial-CompartirIgual 4.0 Internacional*
dc.subject.otherDiscursive constructiones_ES
dc.subject.otherMedia discoursees_ES
dc.subject.otherCity image communicationes_ES
dc.title中国国家新闻媒体中南京城市形象的传播:文化话语的视角 = Nanjing City Image Communication in China’s National News Media: A Cultural Discourse Analysis Perspective = Comprender la imagen de la ciudad de Nanjing. Comunicación en los medios de comunicación nacionales de China: una perspectiva de análisis del discurso culturales_ES

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