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dc.contributor.authorMasnou Morera, María José
dc.description.abstract中国城市规划从属于国家的发展和经济建设,其特征应放在国家发展计划的框 架内进行理解。密集的城市化进程是对“后社会主义”概念最好的诠释。新的住宅区,市 中心和繁华的商业区,工业和科技园区等,都是“后社会主义”的真实写照。然而,是什 么样的城市规划构架,流程和设施让这些进程得以实现?中国采取民主集中制的国家机构 组织原则,联合各级政府机构,在国家政策和“五年计划”的指导下进行城市规划,并通 过各部委具体实施。然而,缺乏统筹的城市规划导致了重复建设,以及建设主体缺乏协调 性和差异性等问题。本文提出了一个“多规合一”的新规划构架,以期改善上述情况。另 外,土地制度以及其发展是了解城市转型和发展的关键因素,也是了解地方政府企业特征 的关键因素,本文将对其进行探讨。同时,由于现代城市规划作为一门新兴学科,其创建 历史较短,相关的法律机制也比较新,可供参考的适应城市化高速发展的规划案例不多, 故本文拟将杭州作为城市规划的参考案例。 The character of urban planning in China must be understood within the framework of the policies of the country's planning. In this context, urban planning is subordinate to the economic construction of the nation.The most eloquent image of this Post-Socialism scenario is the intense urbanization processes of cities. New residential areas, downtown and affluent business districts, industrial and technology parks, are its image. However, what is the planning framework, procedures and urban instruments that allow these processes? The political structure of the Chinese state centrally and hierarchically directs this planning through its state policies and guidelines of the Five-Year Plans, and its sectorial implementation through the different ministries. However, a lack of integrated planning leads to the duplicity of competencies, lack of coordination and divergence of objectives. A new framework, the ‘duoguiheyi’, tries to alleviate this situation. The land regime and its development is an essential factor to understand the transformation and growth processes of cities, as well as the entrepreneurial character of the local state. At the same time, contemporary urban planning as a discipline has a short history and a very recent legal framework that generates a lack of cases of reference and adaptation to rapid urban dynamics. In some chapters, the city of Hangzhou will serve as an explanatory reference.es_ES
dc.publisherUniversidad de León: Instituto Confucioes_ES
dc.rightsAtribución-NoComercial-CompartirIgual 4.0 Internacional*
dc.subject.otherSiglo XXIes_ES
dc.title21世纪中国城市规划构架:为国家建设服务的学科 = The Framework of Urban Planning in China in the 21st Century: A Discipline at the service of Building a Nation = El marco del urbanismo en la China del siglo XXI: una disciplina al servicio de la construcción de una naciónes_ES
dc.journal.titleSinología Hispánicaes_ES

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